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2014 Trailfairy session dates!


Here are the dates for Trailfairy sessions in 2014:

Sat 25th Jan
Sat 8th Feb; Sat 22nd Feb
Sat 8th Mar; Sat 29th Mar
Sat 12th Apr; Sat 26th Apr
Sat 10th May
Sat 28th Jun
Sat 26th Jul
Sat 30th Aug
Sat 27th Sep
Sat 25th Oct
Sat 29th Nov

As per the last couple of years the sessions will be full day affairs (9am - 4pm). 14 sessions are scheduled for 2014 - attend 4 sessions to qualify for a complementary 2015 parking permit.

Nov '13 Trailfairy session date change - now on 23rd Nov

Hi there,

The November Trailfairy session will now be held on Sat 23rd Nov (previously date was Sat 30th Nov).

The plan for the session is to work on the final 100m of Spookywood Descent - install a piped drain with insloped trail surface on the dip before the final RH berm and pick out the larger rocks then infill with surfacing material on the rough trail surfaces on the final 2 berms. Plus some resurfacing of low spots into the final jump. These bits of work should really improve how this final part rides.

Sat 28th Sep Trailfairy session cancelled

Hi folks,

Very sorry about this but the Trailfairy session this Saturday 28th Sep is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

The next Trailfairy session will now be on Sat 26th Oct.


Andy (MTB Ranger)

July '13 Fairy session date change

Hi folks,

The July Trailfairy session will now be on Sat 20th July (the 2nd last Saturday on the month).

More details on what we'll be doing soon.

Sorry for the change of date (again!).


Andy (mtb ranger)

Sat 30th Mar Trailfairy session cancelled


Unfortuantely this Saturday's trailfairy session is cancelled due to snow/ice here at Glentress.

There's still snow/ice on all the trails and forest roads and together with the ground being frozen and access up to the forest not possible, means the prospect of doing any trailwork has been well and truely scuppered.

Sorry about this. The next Trailfairy session will now be on Sat 27th April, when the sun will be out and we'll all be in our shorts and t-shirts! ahem.

May 2013 Session date change!

Hi folks,

I've had to do a bit of jiggery pokery with the May Trailfairy session date. Instead of the last Saturday of May (25th) the session will now be on Sat 18th May.

This helps us out with mtb ranger availability and also means the session won't clash with the start of the Tweedlove festival and the King & Queen Enduro. Bonus!

Hope this doesn't muck up anyone's plans and look forward to hopefully seeing you on the 18th May!


Andy (mtb ranger)

Trailfairy session - Sat 23rd Feb

Hi folks,

At this months Trailfairy session this Saturday, 23rd Feb, the plan is to do some drainage work on Zoom or Bust and also on the middle section of Falla Brae if time permits. This'll mainly be doing deberming work to clear puddles and improve the drainage dishes. Although it looks likely to be dry through to the weekend and there wont be many puddles to actually see/stomp in, both sections have developed some pretty deep puddles over the last few months and some 'fairy fettling will make a big difference when the next rainy period arrives...

Sat 26th Jan 2013 Trailfairy Session Cancelled

Glentress Peel, Tue 22nd Jan 2013

Hi Folks,

I was hoping the weather gods would be kind and shift some of the snow before the weekend so we could get cracking with our 2013 trailbuilding sessions. Alas Glentress has plenty of snow lying at all levels and with cold temps forecast through to Friday night we've decided to cancel the Trailfairy session on Saturday.

With such snow and ice there isn't any trailwork we can really do and we'd be struggling to access safely up into the forest. Sorry about this.

Final Trailfairy session of 2012 - Sat 24th Nov, Super G

Hello hello,

The final Trailfairy session for 2012 is this Saturday, 24th Nov and the plan is to do some fettling on the Red Route - the lower half of Super G. We'll be doing some spot trail infilling and resurfacing to improve the flow of the trail into a tabletop jump and the rollers aswell as some puddle bashing. Installing pipes and inside sumps might work well here as the trail surface in these dips deforms and berm up heavily. There are some quite meaty puddles on this part after heavy rain so riders should really notice the improvement.


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