Fairy Trails

Previous Trailfairy Projects

The trailfairies have been the creators of several sections of trail around Glentress. As most of the work is done by hand, it allows for the creation of some unique sections of trail, which just wouldn't be possible by machine.

All the trails listed below have been crafted by the trailfairies. There may of been some machines involved, but most of the work is the result of many hours of cake powered labour.
Zoom or Bust
Mushroom Pie
Pie Run exit re-route
Shallow Grave
Merida Descent - Elibank Forest
Essentials Freeride timber sections
Falla Brae Re-route
The Motorway (Blue Route Return)
The Pie Run
Secrets and Lies
Broon Troot
Double X timber features
Ewok Village