Trailbuilding session this Sat, 25th Aug

Hi folks,

Just a quick 'un about this Saturdays session.

We'll be doing some repair work on two Trailfairy built trails - the Pie Run and Mushroom Pie, mainly resurfacing some holes that have developed to get the sections running a bit sweeter again. There's also a couple of holes at the exit of another section the 'fairies worked on previously - the rerouted section before the Japanese bridge on Magic Mushroom. Would be great to get these fettled too.

Usual meet up at 9am at the toolshed in the 'Upper Overflow' carpark, aiming to be back down at the toolshed and finished up by 4pm (but absolutely fine to do half day session or whatever you can manage).

Hit me with any cake requests - i'm feeling quite creative at the mo', especially with the Great British Bake Off back on the telly....!