2014 Trailfairy session dates!


Here are the dates for Trailfairy sessions in 2014:

Sat 25th Jan
Sat 8th Feb; Sat 22nd Feb
Sat 8th Mar; Sat 29th Mar
Sat 12th Apr; Sat 26th Apr
Sat 10th May
Sat 28th Jun
Sat 26th Jul
Sat 30th Aug
Sat 27th Sep
Sat 25th Oct
Sat 29th Nov

As per the last couple of years the sessions will be full day affairs (9am - 4pm). 14 sessions are scheduled for 2014 - attend 4 sessions to qualify for a complementary 2015 parking permit.

We've got some exciting plans for Trailfairy projects, especially in the lead up to the World Enduro Series event in the Tweed Valley at the end of May - that's the reason for the additional dates in Feb, Mar and Apr (weather depending!). More on this and what we'll be doing at the session on 25th Jan very soon.

cheers and hopefully see you out for some digging and cakes!

Andy (MTB Ranger)