Session this Sat, 24th March - Spookywood Descent needs you!

As many of you peeps will know Spookywood Descent has been closed for several weeks for tree thinning operations. These have finished but the trail is still closed whilst we beaver away repairing several points where the machines crossed/damaged the trail (i've even started dreaming about raking, fettling and wackerplating...). We're currently aiming for a reopening date of Thu 5th April at the latest.

To help the repairs along and enable us to get the section reopened as soon as possible we're going to switch this Saturdays session to Spookywood instead of the Skills Area. The session will be tidying up the riding surfaces, clearing/scraping/brushing off debris, shaping the trail edges and probably also some shaping/grading and wackerplating sections we are resurfacing.

Meeting up at 9am at the toolshed in the Upper Overflow car park. Hope you can make it along.


Andy (MTB Ranger)