Session this Sat 28th April

Plora Craig mini step up jump


For the upcoming 'fairy session we'd planned to be doing the surfacing of the re route on Pennels Vennel we were working on last year. Unfortuantely we're having to put back the Pennels Vennel work to later in the year to tie in with when we'll next have suitable plant (digger, dumper) on site at Glentress - to get the materials hauled up to trail side. Sorry for the change of plan and short notice..

I've been weighing up what trailwork to do instead and am going to bring forward the Plora Craig (Inners XC Route) - resurfacing approach to mini step up jump job we'd pencilled in for June. Because of the shoogly approach the edge of the jump itself is starting to wear away on the bottom side. Fixing this will really improve the flow of this section and bring a nice wee jump back into play!

There's material at the exit of the section which we'll be able to load into the pick up then get about 60-80m away uphill from the trail, for a reasonable downhill wheelbarrow in. Think it's doable in a session (even factoring in Andy optimism!).

We'll be meeting up as normal at 9am to load up tools at the toolshed in the Upper Overflow carpark at Glentress and if it's easier for folk we'll stop by the Innerleithen carpark at 9.30am before then heading along the back road and up into the forest (the forest road upto the worksite is in pretty good shape for vehicles).

Aim to be finished and back to Glentress for 4pm, so if you could bring your own lunch and refreshments that would be grand.

Hope this sounds ok with everyone and hopefully see you there!


Andy (mtb ranger)