Trailbuilding session this Sat 30th June - Plora Craig fettling

Hey up,

Our glorious summer weather has been doing its' best to highlight sections of trail that like to hold onto the water! One such section is the first leg of Plora Craig on the Innerleithen XC Route, where the trail weaves through the pine trees in a series of short dips and rises. The dips though have got so worn that the term 'bird bath' doesn't do the puddles that form in wet weather justice!

On this section taking away the 'berm' of material that forms (on the outside edge of the trail) and holds water in, no longer gets rid of the water, so some resurfacing/infilling of the holes is needed. The added bonus here is that doing some infilling will help this usually sweet little section of trail flow much better again.

Ideally all of the dips on this first section would be insloping, so a continuous camber all the way through the dip with water draining to a small sump on the inside of the turn then draining through a pipe underneath the trail. For this session though we'll concentrate on resurfacing - digging out sumps and installing pipes is a big job by hand! One for a future session maybe.

Depending on weather/progress/cakes/midges/numbers we may also venture a little further along the trail to do some pruning work on the section leading up to the start of Oh Deer, Razor Rock split. The young trees on this bit are growing fast and like to overhang into the trail but some of these are hardwoods (e.g. birch, oak, rowan), so rather than removing them, regular careful pruning ensures they can remain at the edges of the trail and in 10 -15 years should be a real feature of the section.

We'll be meeting at 9am at the toolshed in the Upper Overflow carpark at Glentress, heading down the road to Innerleithen, stopping by the Innerleithen car park at 9.30am before heading up to the work site on pretty good forest roads (used by the buses on the DH uplift). We should be finished up and back at Glentress for ~4pm.

Hopefully see you there. Cheers!


(mtb ranger)