Trailfairy session details - Sat 27th Oct

At this Saturdays session we'll be doing some more fettling on Magic Mushroom - digging out some drainage, infilling and resurfacing a soft hole that's developing in the trail near the end of the section and possibly another soft spot further back up the section. Both bits of work will help the trail ride sweeter and hold up better.

Meet up time is 9am at the toolshed in the Upper Overflow carpark, finishing up back down at the 'shed for 4pm. As always if you can only make half a day that it great too. We'll be parking at the exit of Magic Mushroom (post 53).

Trailbuilding session at Glentress - Sat 29th Sep

Hi folks,

At this Saturdays session the plan is to give the trails in the Freeride Park at Glentress some loving with a mix of maintenance tasks that may include spot resurfacing, deberming, branch pruning, clearing loose stones and grip plate installation. A mixed bag indeed!

Usual meet up time of 9am at the toolshed in the Upper Overflow (old Osprey) carpark, finishing up back down at the toolshed for 4pm. Half day sessions (or whatever you can make) are absolutely ok too - I know weekends are valuable!



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Trailbuilding session this Sat, 25th Aug

Hi folks,

Just a quick 'un about this Saturdays session.

We'll be doing some repair work on two Trailfairy built trails - the Pie Run and Mushroom Pie, mainly resurfacing some holes that have developed to get the sections running a bit sweeter again. There's also a couple of holes at the exit of another section the 'fairies worked on previously - the rerouted section before the Japanese bridge on Magic Mushroom. Would be great to get these fettled too.

Trailbuilding session this Sat 30th June - Plora Craig fettling

Hey up,

Our glorious summer weather has been doing its' best to highlight sections of trail that like to hold onto the water! One such section is the first leg of Plora Craig on the Innerleithen XC Route, where the trail weaves through the pine trees in a series of short dips and rises. The dips though have got so worn that the term 'bird bath' doesn't do the puddles that form in wet weather justice!

Session this Sat 28th April

Plora Craig mini step up jump


For the upcoming 'fairy session we'd planned to be doing the surfacing of the re route on Pennels Vennel we were working on last year. Unfortuantely we're having to put back the Pennels Vennel work to later in the year to tie in with when we'll next have suitable plant (digger, dumper) on site at Glentress - to get the materials hauled up to trail side. Sorry for the change of plan and short notice..

Session this Sat, 24th March - Spookywood Descent needs you!

As many of you peeps will know Spookywood Descent has been closed for several weeks for tree thinning operations. These have finished but the trail is still closed whilst we beaver away repairing several points where the machines crossed/damaged the trail (i've even started dreaming about raking, fettling and wackerplating...). We're currently aiming for a reopening date of Thu 5th April at the latest.

Notes from Trailfairies Meeting

Hi Folks,

Thanks to everyone who came along to the very first (not in an informal out on the trails whilst digging type of way) Trailfairy meeting. We even had an agenda! Too much cake though (never thought i'd utter such words!).

Trailfairies in 2012 - first session/meeting, Sat 25th Feb

The first session of 2012 is pencilled in for Sat 25th Feb. In a break from 'fairy tradition, this one won't involve any digging or fettling out on the hill but instead a meet up to discuss all things Trailfairies and meet our new Rec Mananger, Adam Godwin, who previously worked down at Thetford Forest.

So, a great chance to let us know your thoughts on the current Trailfairy set up and how you'd like to see the fairies in 2012 and beyond. We'll be looking at some potential ways forward and also discussing possible upcoming trail projects.

New Flickr Group!

For all the Flickr users out there, we now have a new Flickr Group, where you can add any trailfairy photos.

Link to the group is

Any photos added, should also show up in the new Fairy Photo block in the right hand column of this site.

We're alive (again!)

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